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adidas nmd r1 boost

I had to return the original item and order half a size bigger. I absolutely love these adidas nmd originals pk boost! I have been running in barefoot/minimalist shoes for years, but unfortunately started getting stress fractures (previous injury + no padding + running 3 miles every day). Once I got these shoes, in the right size, I have been running 2-3 times every week since getting my boot off for the fractures. I have experienced zero pain at all, and my knees even feel better! The grip on these shoes is amazing. I can run over wet rocks without slipping at all. I also have worn them to work several times since I spend a lot of time standing. I love these adidas nmd pk boost and they aren't as ugly as the picture makes them to be!

Love adidas nmd r1 boost! I believe the treads on this version seem to grip more than the last version. Zero drop sneakers plus the wide toe box are the absolute solution for forefoot problems. I was unable to run on my Morton's neuroma until I found these fabulous sneakers. I almost agreed to surgery until I found another runner's suggestion to try these fabulous sneakers.

This is my new FAVORITE shoe! I love the room in the toe box. I have wide, flat feet and these discount nms shoes outlet are so incredibly comfortable! I have a lot of difficulty finding shoes that don't hurt my bunion, have plenty of room in the toe box, and don't feel like cement blocks on my feet. These are the best I have ever found! I hope the shoe model always stays the same, because I will buy them again, and again!