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How To Pay

Credit card is the recommended payment method here. Visa Card and MasterCard are strongly recommended since it is more acceptable by our payment system.

Firs of all, click the item you want to buy, choose the size,fill in the quantity, and then click the "add to cart" button;

Secondly, choose the Currencies, if you want to add more other items to cart, please click the "continue shopping" then the system will let you choose other items. If want to check out directly, just skip the "continue shopping" button, and fill in the shipping information and click "check out" button, then system will automatically turn to payment page;

Thirdly, fill in your credit card information and select billing address button to check if its the same as the shipping address or not;

Finally, click the "payment" button to finish your payment, if your payment go through, our payment system states that your payment is successful.


Ensure your credit card can support online and transnational payment; Make sure enough money in your account to pay for all items your select; The highest Total amount you can pay is $600 each time, if your order value is more than $600 ,Please pay in several times. If there is any problem while paying, please contact us to get assist-adidas outlet online store.

We also accept the money transfers: western union and moneygram, you can get 12% discount again. If you want to pay with money transfer, please email us:saleoutletstore@hotmail.com